All we wanted from our brand was for our customers to be assured they are buying the best car care product on the market. For this, I pursued years of development and testing in order for you to get the full satisfication from using our products! 

- Mr N. Ahmed, Owner of the brand Simple Wax



Simple Wax is a highly developed and tested Car Care products brand. We have been working in the industry for over 3 years to develop the unique product for the market. We have an extensive range of products soon to be released and have only just hit the market with some of our most popular products! Our products are thoroughly tested to ensure they give the results which we dream of.


At Simple Wax, we always welcome our customers photos to feature on our social media and website! We like to keep our customers involved in our business and constantly share the hard work and efforts of their car cleaning! The best time to get your photos is ideally immediately after you have used the Simple Wax product on your vehicle. 


From time to time we run competitions for Simple Wax products, make sure you subscribe to our website to be kept up to date with all the latest offers and competitions!