5 Piece Wooden Brush Set

5 Piece Wooden Brush Set

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  • Product Information

    There are no brushes like this in the UK, or the rest of Europe in that matter. These brushes have a 100% wooden handle with Nylon bristles which are resistant to the chemicals used on your cars like Tar and Glue, Wheel Cleaner and Fallout. 


    The larger brushes are used for the exterior like the body, Alloys, Tyres and other metals. 


    The medium brush is slightly more softer and is perfect for plastics within the engine bay and grilles. 


    The small brushes will ensure that your interior stays nice, fresh and super clean!

  • Product Care


    Disclaimer - Please note that with consistent use be sure to clean the brushes after every use to treat the wood.

    Even though the bristles are resistent to the chemicals the wood is to however they can crack or split due to being made from natural wood.

    We advise that you wipe the brushes with clean cold water on a microfiber after use.

    We take no liability for any imperfections or damages on the brushes after 5 working days of the customer receiving the brushes, this is due to them being thoroughly checked on arrival and also prior to being shipped. 

    The brushes have been thoroughly checked by the TFTB Team and they have given great results.