Christmas Edition Gloss

Christmas Edition Gloss


PLease DO NOT use any discount codes with this wax.

Any discount code used on this wax will be refunded.

ALL orders will be posted in the first week of the new year.

  • Product information

    Welcoming the sequel to last years Christmas Edition Armour. This year we have created a limited edition blend of our Gloss Show Wax. Christmas Edition Gloss has a lovely blackberry scent which is more prominent in use. Dressed in a truly christmassy 200ml pot, you'll love this one!


     We have added more montan, carnuba wax and synthetic polymers to push the boundaries of our standard Gloss Wax. A show wax with insane water behaviour.


    What you get:

    200ml wax presented with Christmas's reds and greens. A winter scene hugs the jar with a red branded lid, wouldn't be out of place as a Christmas decoration!

  • Product Instructions

    For best results we always recommended that any form of paint protection is applied to decontaminated paint and out of direct sunlight, panel wipe or IPA is always recommended before.


    Load the applicator and dab the wax over the panel.

    Work the wax in either straight lines or circular motions, spreading the wax as far as it will go ensuring you flatten out any high spots. Spread the wax as thinly as possible and it will melt into the paint.


    Cure time may vary on your environment. When swiped with a finger it should should be clear.


    Remove with a short pile cloth, turn the cloth regularly and ensure no residue is present then followed by a plush towel.