Enhanced Gloss

Enhanced Gloss

  • Product information

    Enhanced Gloss is a gloss enhancing detail spray that can be used either as a drying aid or on dry painted panels.
    Enhanced Gloss has been formulated to work tremendously with our GLOSS paste or liquid show wax. Enhanced Gloss can be used in conjunction with any of our waxes.

    Enhanced Gloss is a very versatile product and can be used in the following applications: 
    •    Drying aid when towel drying your vehicle to a GLOSS finish. 
    •    On dry panels to give you a superb GLOSS finish. 
    •    Used to safely and effectively remove bird droppings. 
    •    Has excellent cleaning abilities to remove greasy finger prints on your paint. 
    •    Pairs up with our other products to give you an outstanding finish. 

  • How to use

    ALWAYS shake product before use! 

    Drying aid application - Mist lightly across the wet panel & use your drying towel to dry the vehicle as usual. This will make your vehicle easier to dry and add lubricity between your paint and towel, also speeding up the finishing process (Final buff maybe required). 

    Dry panel application - Mist lightly across the panel, use a premium plush microfibre towel to work in the product, turn the cloth to buff to a high GLOSS shine and remove any excess product. 

    Remove bird droppings - Mist directly onto the affected area, cover with a microfibre cloth and allow to soak for a few moments. once soaked gently lift the droppings with a soft microfibre from the paint, repeat as required. 

    Show time - When at a show Enhanced Gloss can be used to remove light dust or finger prints for that true show car shine! 
    It’s simply that easy! 

    If you appear to have streaks left behind, apply a mist lightly over the area and buff to a GLOSS finish.