SimpleWax Snowfoam Lance

SimpleWax Snowfoam Lance



  • How To Change Orifice

    Video to follow..

  • Product information

    Snowfoam lance to attach to your jetwash.


    This lance comes with a 1.25 orifice tip installed for jetwashes with 130bar+ (1850 psi) pressure.


    The lance will also come with a 1.1 orifice tip for jetwashes with lower pressure so you can have that thick luxurious foam.


    •  Wide Neck Top (easier to fill).
    •  Wide Base so its less likely topple over.
    • 1000ML/33oz mesurements on each side on the bottle.
    • Anti-Corrosion & Durable Design.
    • Uses Less Product which means COST saving!
    • Quick Release Adapter compatible.